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Become a better Product Manager with 5 easy tactics

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Becoming a great product manager is hard. Standout product managers not only understand their users and their problems but also know how to apply that knowledge to create solutions for them. Even after you get that first job, things don’t get any easier. The road to becoming an outstanding product manager continues to be a challenging one. Because the responsibilities of a product manager are so broad and require skills in many different areas, it’s […]

Thoughts on career development – should I stay or should I go?

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In my two decades of work experience, I had a few moments to say goodbye. There are many reasons why someone feels the need to change the workplace. Independent of the reason, it comes down to the following question Tanja Lau from the Product Academy is raising. “Will I be able to reach the next milestones in my life in this company or am I wasting my potential?”. Here are my thoughts on career development.