Product Goals — How they can help overcome short-term thinking in 4 simple steps

Product Goals

I was so fortunate to take part as a speaker at this year’s Adevinta Agile Conference. The conference enables learning across the international companies that live under the umbrella of Adevinta.

My talk was about Product Goals and is a follow-up to the article I wrote earlier this year.

Product Goals: communicate and structure your ideas with confidence

Conference Talk on Product Goals

In the video, I describe how setting product goals can help overcome short-term thinking in four simple steps. In addition, the video demonstrates how you can use product goals to fill the gap between your company goals and the Objective Key Results (OKR).

If you cannot listen to the video right away, feel free to download the slide deck below, as it will give some examples of product goals.

Image 1: Photo by Faris Mohammed on Unsplash